• Adequate online workflow for new normality
  • Money and time savings vs a traditional workflow
  • Simplicity on usage of our proven method
  • Reliability based on our 3 year experience using the same method
  • To overcome work overload
  • Reduce staff and equipment costs
  • Industry standard quality with 99% reliable delivery times
  • Robust and secure platform
  • In-house music library

Why IO?

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IO Service

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Audio Repair

With industry standard software iZotope RX we repair damaged audio by removing unwanted noises, reducing clipping and optimizing speech recordings.


Our mixes are optimized to work on all platforms, to meet industry standards such as ATSC A85 for America, EBU R128 for Europe, OP 59 for Australia, ARIB TR-B32 for Japan.

Sound Design

Create specific aural world that helps to tell your story,
using technical and artistic resources combining organic and synthesized sound effects.

Music Library

Our library includes
unique in-house produced music


Tailored music for any type of project; music themes can be composed or arranged to suit your requirements. Sound Logos, the perfect match to build a solid brand raising awareness with audio and not only using visuals.